Clarify Copywriting

Based in Evesham in Worcestershire, Clarify Copywriting provides a comprehensive business marketing support service by writing websites, blogs, social media updates, print marketing materials, presentations, scripts and much, much more.

The aim

Business owner Adrian Barradell was seeking some focused advice to help him take his business forward and put in place some workable business expansion strategies.

The delivery

A 121, hour-long business support and mentoring session was booked with Impetus Business Support Manager, Martin Linley. This took place at the Impetus HQ in Worcestershire.

The difference made

During the session Martin helped Adrian step aside from the day to day and look at the bigger picture – as well as get a fresh eye on the challenges behind running and growing a small but busy SME business.

The guidance focused on Clarify Copywriting’s existing client base and identifying where future work may come from. Martin also gave Adrian some strategies for the coming weeks and months which would help him target new, potentially profitable client sectors.

Impetus Business Loans Testimonial

“Although brief, this was a really useful session and I was very impressed by the way in which Martin was quickly able to help me identify realistic ways to increase profitability. He also helped me create a little bit more space within the day to day so that I can try out some new things. This certainly demonstrated how Impetus offers effective business support services. Thank you Martin and thank you Impetus.”

– Adrian Barradell, MD Clarify Copywriting
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